Why is card making and scrapbooks so dang popular?

Once upon a time, long before computers existed, there lived a many simple folk who may have had only paper, paints, stamps, and photos to collect and save precious memories.  And like all things crafty, the hand and mind united as one, thus forming creativity in the most spiritual sense of the word, bringing joy to all. Then, as the Industrial Age continued to rampage over the years, terrorizing souls, slamming production into systematic assembly lines, the decline of simple crafting began to fade. But alas, the human soul could never allow its mind to be caged like a songbird and that’s why everyone now knows why a Caged Songbird Sings. . .

. . . in other words, we just freakin’ love to craft!  After being on the computer all day long, using our hands and mind in the most creative element allows us to relax and enjoy ourselves!  To return to touching raw materials and not digital which makes the eyes weary and hands achy.  It’s really is that simple.  Often our modern lifestyles are filled with technology, which is suppose to make us more efficient in both the personal and business aspects, but we forget the basics joys of life.  Like crafting cards and scrapbooking.  One doesn’t need to become an appetence in order to satisfy our creativity.  We just need to do it.  It elevates us to a higher level so naturally that we just aren’t aware of it.  Kinda like breathing.  We need to breathe to live, therefore we need to craft to relax.

No one, however, should feel intimidated or lost just before taking the journey into Crafting.  People, such as Natasha Cowden out of Gardner, KS has begun her journey to open up her home to card making and scrapbooking.  With the help from Stampin’ Up, anyone can start.  Even if you never have done it before.  Kits and sets are already arranged for you and all you have to do is get familiar with how you wish to create.

If you would like more information about Stampin’ Up, contact Natasha at loulou9903@hotmail.com or befriend her on Facebook.

Now remember, you too can have a happy ending!

Craft On, my friends! Craft On!

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